School Director

Assalamu Alaikum,

All praise is due to Allah, the most subtle and the most aware. May His blessings be upon our Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and all the Muslims. Ameen.

At An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA), we are committed to provide excellence in hifdh and strong academics while nurturing Muslim character. Although we share a common bond through our faith, we respect our students as individuals and celebrate our diversity, which includes a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

I am honored and humbled to be working at An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA). The heart of any school begins and ends with the people who enter it every day so May Allah reward our wonderful staff, students and their families. I am overwhelmed and thankful by the amount of support we receive from our volunteering PTSO and committee members. May Allah reward them immensely.

We thank Allah for the blessings pouring down upon us and we ask Him to be of those who memorize the Quran, striving to be of service to others, and becoming of those who preserve His Book for the people to come.

Gulsangay Rashidi