Tuition Information

The Islamic Association of Raleigh (IAR) and community donations do not provide all of the money necessary to operate the school. We are dependent upon tuition fee collected from the parents of ANQA students to offer the best possible level of educational service. There is an obligation on the part of families with children at ANQA to contribute towards the cost of running the school.


School fees are reviewed in the latter half of each year at the time of preparation of the following year’s operating budget. Following this process, a draft of the budget is produced and presented to the IAR Shura. During the course of the year, actual operating costs are compared with original budget estimates on a quarterly basis.

School Fees (subject to change without prior notice):

Registration Fees (non-refundable): $100 per child – payable before registration confirmation

Monthly Tuition: One Child – $500

Two or more Children – $450 per child

Books and Supplies fees (non-refundable): Variable for each grade and school year. Generally, the annual cost of supplies including text books is $200 per child per year paid at the beginning of school year


A 2% discount on fees may be granted if full annual tuition is paid at the start of the school year.

Financial Aid:

ANQA recognizes that Islamic education is essential for all Muslim children regardless of their financial status. Insha-Allah, efforts will be made to reduce tuition for families who qualify. To be considered for financial aid, families in need must complete the An-Noor Financial Aid Application Form (which can be obtained from the School office) and submit it with all supporting documents. Families who qualify for financial aid will still be responsible for the remainder of the tuition balance for each child. Financial aid does not cover book fees. Any change in the financial status of financial aid recipients should be reported in writing to the An-Noor finance officer in order to make the allocated funds available to other families in need. Periodic reviews for changes in financial status may be made at any time and the amount of aid may be adjusted based on the recommendations of the reviewing team.

Summer Quarter:

Attending the summer session is mandatory for all new and existing students. If they are not able to attend due to a valid excuse, that will not jeopardize their attendance record for the School year – however they are still required to pay the monthly tuition. This is based on the fact that there is a lot of preparation that goes into developing and organizing the summer quarter, teachers are paid and School is in session. That student’s seat is held as a promise.