ANQA Alumni & Advanced Hifdh Leadership Program by Al-Hirz Institute

An-Noor Quran Academy, in collaboration with Al Hirz Institute, is offering five months Alumni & Advanced Hifdh Leadership Program starting on Friday, January 12th. Classes will be held three times a month on Friday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm [at the An-Noor meeting room] on the second floor of IAR [main building] and there also is a monthly evening/overnight program. Cost is $55/month for An-Noor alumni and eligible An-Noor students. For non-An-Noor huffadh/students cost is $60/month. If paid for the program in full the cost will be $250. Enrollment priority will be given to An Noor school alumni & students. The Program Syllabus will include:

• Eight Classroom Lectures; Da’wah Workshop, Introduction to Qur’an Effortlessly Memorized & Khuluqun-’Adheem.
• Overnight Program; Includes video games, basketball in the gym, food, and social time, followed by a Halaqah and Qiyaam Al-Layl.
• Evening Program; Includes activities, food, and social time, Qur’an recitation & Halaqah.
• Off-Site Activity; Activism with either the I AR SWC , Food Pantry , TMA
• Special session with Shaykh Okasha Kameny