ANQA Alumni “Beyond Hifdh” Program by Al-Hirz Institute

An-Noor Quran Academy, in collaboration with Al Hirz Institute is exited to present Beyond Hifdh Program for An Noor Alumni. This amazing program is focused on improving our youth’s understanding and application of Islam through special, engaging classes and fun-filled activities. Classes will be held once a week on Friday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on the second floor of IAR main building. The program will include evening/overnight program on the 4th Friday of every month. Cost for the program is $200 due in full first week of the program. Registration is open to ANQA Alumni and current Full Time Students of An Noor Quran Academy (ANQA), as well as the community at large. Registration requirements for non-ANQA Alumni/Full-Time Students are:


  • At least 13 years of age to college-aged
  • At least 5 ajza of Qur’an memorized
  • Boys and Girls are welcomed (classes are divided and special fun programs are not mixed)
  • More program details are available after registration


Registrants are able to sign up for weekly classes which includes the Overnight/Evening Program ($200 for the semester) or only the monthly Overnight/Evening Program ($50 for the semester).

For the weekly classes and the Overnight/Evening Program register at: Beyond Hifdh Program

For only the Overnight/Evening Program register at: Overnight/Evening Program 

Program Schedule and lesson Plan

Pay online