Our Hifdh Teachers

Hassan A Yagoub

Job Title: Hifdh Teacher

Education: Graduated 1999 from Dar Ul-uloom Trinidad and Tobago Hifdh Program. Two year Medical Studies (Sudan), 5 years or Arabic Language Arts and Islamic studies (Egypt)

Degrees/Certification: TEFL Certificate, Two Ejaazaat of memorization of Quran and Ejaazah of Tajweed Aljazariyyah.

Teaching Experience: Over 10 years

Personal Info: No comment

What I Love Most About AnNoor Quran Academy: I love that it allows me to be a part of this great cause of teaching the words of Allah.

Chafik Bakkari

Job Title: Hifdh Teacher


  • Islamic Theology
  • Degrees/Certification: Bachelor’s degree +2

Teaching Experience: 13 years

Personal Information: No Comment

What I Love Most About An Noor School: Being able to teach Quran and knowledge of the Deen to others.

Nur Kanawati

Job Title: Hifth Teacher

Education: BS in Biology from UNC Charlotte

Degrees/Certification: Ijaza in Quran memorization and Tajweed from Sheik Muhieddien Al Kurdi in Damascus.

Teaching Experience: Over 7 years

Personal Info: No comment

What I Love Most About An-Noor Quran Academy: I love the dedication and devotion to the Quran that is felt throughout the school!

Dr. Mohamed Enani Nafee

Job Title: Hifdh Director


  • Bachlors degree in Arabic Language Arts – Al-Azhar University 1999
  • PhD in Qiraat of Quran – Dar-Al-Salam University in Turkey
  • Ejaazah with Sanad in Quran from a student of Sh. Al-Masarawy
  • Ejaazah with Sanad in Quran  (20 juz of Quran) from Sh. Al-Masarawy the Grand Sheikh of Qiraat in Egypt
  • Ejaazah from Abu Al-Enain Shaisha the former minister of Qiraat in Egypt with styles of Recitation and Maqaamaat


  • Imam and giving Friday Khutba in Qatar
  • Head of the council of memorization of Quran in Qatar
  • Supervisor of live Quran program in Qatar
  • Sit in judge in the Internation Quran competitions organized by Bahrain
  • Head of the  Mesambir Aal Daawood Quranic Competitions Judicial council in Morocco

Abdessamad Mokhtari

Job Title: Hifth Teacher

Education: Degrees/Certification: Associate degree in economics

Teaching Experience: Over 9 years

Personal Information: No comment

What I Love Most About An Noor School: No comment

Amina Khan

Job Title: Hifdh Teacher


  • 4 years English literature/ criticism
  • Bachelor E.L
  • Diploma IT management


  • Over 10 years experience of teaching different subjects.
  • 2 years IT management

Personal Information: Born in Morocco 8/31/1977, I am married and have 5 children, I speak 4 languages. I love my job and cannot imagine myself doing anything else other than teaching. “May Allah the Almighty grant us guidance, humbleness and devotion”

What I Love Most About An-Noor Quran Academy: I love Annoor  School because it’s more than a school, it’s a second family!  ANQA is giving us the opportunity to Learn and to be closer to Allah, and serve our community to the best of our abilities, to be with the Quran; the fountain head of the entire learning, and the key for peace and spiritual satisfaction.

Merieme Lamiri

Job Title: Hifdh Teacher


  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Medical Office Administration
  • Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh North Carolina

SETT certified, (Substitute Effective  Teacher Training). Wake Technical Community College, Cary, North Carolina.

Ijazah in Tajweed, narration of Hafs from Asim, with a Sanad that traces me back to Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and his companions.

Teaching Experience: Three years of teaching, two years in Morocco and one year in An Noor Academy

Personal Information: No Comment

What I love most about An Noor Quran Academy: Helping the students to memorize Quran and become Hofadh.