Admission Policy

An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) is a school operated on a non-discriminatory basis, with equal treatment and access to services without any regard to color, religion, national origin  or ancestry. An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) does not have a provision for accepting students who are home schooled for academics. All students who are enrolled/admitted must attend hifdh classes as well as grade appropriate academic classes.

Enrollment Procedure:

Admission to An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) will be based on a rigorous evaluation of the student and the family. During the admission process, the following procedures can be expected:

  • Quran reading test by one of the Quran teachers.
  • Math & Language Arts (English) assessment test Recitation and memorization evaluation.
  • Student and Family Interview.

The enrollment process will ensure that candidates applying for entry possess the necessary skill to read Quran independently, memorize Qur’anic assignments and are capable of maintaining schedule assigned by Hifdh teacher. The following enrollment procedures will ensure that the student maintains the necessary background for memorization and is given a fair opportunity to enroll in An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) as a full-time student.

Registration Packet:

Before the interview process, all candidates will be asked to fill out a registration form. A non- refundable fee will apply for application. Immunization record, copy of social security card, birth certificate and previous school records will be required before a child is accepted to An-Noor. Applicants from overseas Schools are also required to provide all pertinent details (School name, address, name of Principal, contact numbers etc.), bring all certificates, health records, behavior records and other required information before admission can be processed.

Special acceptance criteria for Quran Memorization:

One of the main criteria for accepting students into An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) is be based on the child’s ability to read and memorize Quran. Generally speaking, a student who is unable to independently read Quran is not eligible for enrollment. Students lower than 3rd grade are not interviewed.

The family interview will consist of a series of questions for both the student and the parents. Student questions will solicit their attitude about studying and memorizing Quran. Parent questions will border around support and coaching their child. It is important that An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) not only determine the candidate’s ability to endure the challenges of Quran memorization but also identify if the family can provide the necessary support at home.

Additional Criteria:

Students are required to provide records from their previous school that contains information about their hifdh or academic performance, attendance, behavior and disciplinary issues. Each application is carefully screened by the admission staff and Principal. Children, whose academic performance, attendance and discipline reports are unacceptable, will not be enrolled. Generally, those students who were previously discharged from An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) on the basis of poor hifdh and/or academic performance or behavioral/disciplinary issues will also not be readmitted to An-Noor Quran Academy (ANQA) full time school.

Immunization Record:

In compliance with North Carolina laws (G.S. 130A-155), parents must provide medical records to be kept on file in the school, as evidence that the student was immunized with minimum vaccine dosages before entering the school.


Note: An-Noor Quran Academy does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex or disability in the administration of educational policies, and other school administered programs.