ANQA Summer Alumni Program by Al-Hirz Institute ( Sheikh Okasha Kameny)

An-Noor Quran Academy along with Al-Hirz Institute (Sheikh Okasha Kameny) is offering a summer intensive class for the An-Noor alumnai, starting from July 3rd to August 10th, held Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 5pm.  This class will cover AHI’s “Khuluqun-’Adheem, tuition for the class is $200/student.

What Students will learn:
  • Intro to Arabic Vocabulary and Writing
  • Introduction to Tafsir
  • Introduction to Ahadith
  • Critical Thinking and Reflection over Verses and Stories of Qur’an
  • Codes of Conduct for Character and Etiquette’s
  • Monday will review the verse, practice writing, and learning the vocabulary within the ayah.
  • Tuesday will cover the Reason of Revelation/Wisdoms and Benefits and have discussions and activities related to it.
  • Wednesday will cover the Codes of Conduct related to the verse.
  • Thursday will review all of the content learned throughout the week.
  • One Overnight Program which will have food, fun activities, halaqahs, and Qiyaam Al-Layl.
Program Goal:
  • Teach Attendees Qur’anic Vocabulary and Handwriting Skills
  • Engage Youth in an intensive and fun program that teaches them love for Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad.
  • Introduce the Alumni to many Islamic Sciences (Usool At-Tafsir, Usool Al-Hadith, Arabic [Writing and Vocab], Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge, Muraji’ah [Revision] and more).
  • Provide a strategy for implementing the lessons from the Qur’an to improve the character and etiquette of our Young Hufadh.
The class will be held Monday to Thursday at the An-Noor meeting room on the second floor of IAR main building.

Register At:  ANQA Summer Alumni Program